Protective Face Shield

1 dozen - 25 dozen - $10.00 each shield
26 dozen - 75 dozen - $9.00 each shield
76 dozen - 150 dozen face shields - $8.00 each shield

Face shields can be purchased individually at $12.95 per shield.

Replacement Parts:

Replacement Shields - pack of 6 - $45.00  |  $7.95 each

Replacement Foam - pack of 12 - $3.00

Latex free rubber bands - pack of 12 - $0.65

Plus shipping and sales tax where applicable 

Kit Includes:

  • Face Shield
  • Frame
  • Rubber Band Closure
  • Foam For Forehead Rest (optional)

*Both pieces used in this face shield are made from PETG plastic. PETG plastic is very strong, impact and chemical resistant, recyclable and biodegrades. PETG is FDA approved food safe and often used in food packaging. The foam for the headrest is environmentally-friendly as it is free of CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs, PBDEs, formaldehyde and fibers. An EPA-registered antimicrobial agent is incorporated into the product providing additional protection against mold, fungal and bacterial growth.
This product is not FDA approved.

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