Lead Nurturing Delivers Better Results

As marketers know all too well, not every response leads to a sale. In fact, many leads from even the best print campaigns fall through the cracks because the respondent might be interested enough to make a phone call, attend a seminar, or visit a website, but not yet be ready to buy. If that happens, don’t assume that’s a dead lead. It’s probably not. That’s where lead nurturing comes in.

Lead nurturing is the process of taking initial inquiries or responses to a campaign and gradually feeding the prospect information and moving them through the sales funnel until they are ready to buy.

Here are three points to consider about lead nurturing:
• According to Brian Carroll, author of Lead Generation for the Complex Sale, while qualified leads may not be ready to buy now, as many as 70% will eventually make a purchase, whether that’s from you or a competitor.
• The DemadGen report found that nurtured leads produce a 20% increase in sales opportunities versus leads that are not nurtured.
• Lead nurturing takes persistence. Let’s say you’re a car dealership. Within a few days of a prospect’s visit, you might follow up with a full-color printed brochure of the car they showed an interest in. You might send a postcard a few weeks later, inviting them in for a test drive. You drop an email a week after that, reminding them of the invitation. Follow up at appropriate intervals, educating them on key features and benefits of the vehicle they like best.

In the car dealership example, nearly every one of these leads is going to purchase another car eventually. Lead nurturing gives you a much better chance of it being with you.

This model works for other high-value products and complex sales like automotive, financial, and travel packages, as well. It is effective for any market that involves research, education, and longer sales cycles.

So don’t just get leads. Nurture them!